augmented reality

Augmented Reality can be used as a fun way to attract attention at a trade show. In this photo we are showing a 3-D animated person that can greet people as they walk by and interact with them. The 3-D person can be a model of the president of your company or anyone you like.

The 3-D model can just wave at people and give a greeting to people as they walk past or it can be more interactive. The model can actually follow (with her eyes) a person as they are approaching. People will often stop to see if the model stops turning her head and they are amazed at how it works. Something like this can be used just to attract attention or to give out information.

There are so many options for example, the model can be a male, female, robot, cartoon or your product with a face talking. We are limited only by our imagination and yours. This type of model is very engaging and causes people to take notice.