Video animation and 3D video production is not interactive by itself. A 3-D animation can be combined with an interactive touch screen display. The video below shows our skills in producing 3-D video animation which looks very realistic. We can create videos that show processes in manufacturing that would be difficult to demonstrate in any other way. We can produce a video that shows how your equipment works. There is no limit to what we can do with video animation.

Here is an example of 3-D video animation that can be used by real estate developers, architects and anyone who needs to show all sides of an object that doesn’t yet exist. For a fraction of the cost of making an actual 3-D model of your project we can make a realistic looking 3-D animation. We could create a realistic looking video showing the outside of a building and then show the different floor plans available. Instead of simply showing potential buyers or renters a flat floor plan on paper we can show them how beautiful a furnished apartment can look before it is ever built.

Imagine a company training video using a chalkboard the way we do in the video below. Everything you see is 3-D animation that we can custom design just for your business. We custom develop trade show videos, web videos, interactive videos training videos and whatever type of video you may need.